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Dominating the Table in Online Poker

If you want to dominate online poker, you have to be able to convince other players that you are a better player than you may be. The following techniques are easy to implement, and if you can stick to the plan, you will begin to see a huge change in your bankroll balance. Here are a few plays for the pot that you will make that tell the story that you are a better online poker player.

The Power of Any Ace

 When you are playing poker online, everyone knows the power of the ace. The ace makes a great starting hand, and will strike fear in those who are holding medium pocket pairs. To take advantage of the power of the ace, all you need to do is stay in the hand before and after the flop as cheaply as you can. If an ace hits the board, you are going to notice players slamming on the brakes and checking the move to you. When you see the checking begin, roll up your sleeves and get ready to put in a bet that represents that you hit the ace and you are not gong to allow anyone else at the pot.

The River Suck Out

 Another huge play at the pot that is really easy to pull off is similar to the ace move. Just get in the pot before and after the flop as cheaply as possible. The goal here is to get to the river where a straight or flush draw is made. If you see the straight or flush got there, other players will panic and check the bet fearing you sucked out. Don't disappoint them, drop a monster bet so that you appear to have made the hand and will be handing out a bad beat to anyone. Click on jadwal bola malam ini for more information.